20 Types of Dynamic Blog Posts

I often get into discussions with agents who get frustrated with their blog site because they can’t think of anything to say. Actually there’s a lot that you can say and have fun with it as well.

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Boardwalk Through Lush Forest

Using The Long Tail Theory to Increase Your Real Estate SEO Rankings

Quick. Who is the largest bookseller in the world? If you said Amazon, you’re right. But the key point is why. The largest bookseller for decades has been Barnes & Noble (established in 1873). Yet Amazon was only established in 1994 in Jeff Bezos’ garage. Why the huge surge in sales by Amazon? We call it the “Long Tail Theory”, based upon the book of the same name by Chris Anderson.

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Now It’s Getting Personal

Now it’s getting personal, as well it should be. I’m referring to your real estate education. For the longest time, boards, associations, real estate companies, and franchises would hold “sage on the stage” training for large groups of attendees. While I laud these efforts and feel that there is nothing that can beat being able to have a one-on-one communication with the speaker, education is changing. It’s getting more personal.

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Headline Kitten Scares Lion

Not too long ago I got a call from a very large franchise real estate company with a concern that I hear too often, “Our own agents are ‘stealing’ all our leads on the Internet. What do we do?” As is typical with large real estate companies and franchises, they are trying to be all things to all people. They cover such wide metropolitan areas, and, in many cases, they cross state boundaries, that they get crowded out by their agents who are more nimble and use more targeted approaches to getting found.

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The 5 Elements of Good Website Design

Finally, pay attention to what your competition is doing and improve upon their design. It’s amazing how many good ideas you can get from your competition, and your sites will not even look similar if you are changing up your design elements.

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Building a Facebook Business

How many of you have dismissed Facebook because you think that it’s just a time-wasting social swamp? Well, actually, Facebook has some of the most powerful business tools that you can imagine, if you know how to use them correctly. As a real estate speaker and dealing with real estate SEO on a daily basis, I can tell you that I have some powerful secrets to share for how to make your Facebook more “business friendly”.

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