Your Unique Selling Proposition… It Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

Today, prospects are more discerning than ever. Gone are the easy days in which a prospect would list their home with just about any agent. Now, you actually have to work for a listing. In this market, consumers are not just looking for real estate agents, they’re seeking out real estate experts.

Let’s say that you are an expert, at least relative to your local competitors. So, how then, do consumers know that you’re their best choice? The better question is how do you get their attention long enough to even have a chance to educate them about what you can do for them?

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It’s Your Choice

I have some bad news for you, and, I know, nobody likes bad news.

We all handle the bad things in our lives differently, don’t we? Some of us tackle the hard stuff head-on, dealing with it right away and then moving on. The rest of us are just flat out avoiders. We try to justify our avoidance by telling ourselves we “don’t have time” to deal with that right now, or we “just can’t handle one more thing.” Those excuses are simply a form of avoidance, straight up.

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If You Don’t Offer S’mores, You Should!

People are interesting, aren’t they?

The personalities, the opinions, the baggage we all carry. But this “s’more experience” I’m going to tell you about reminded me of just how simple we can be…how little it actually takes to make us happy and to make a lasting impression. Let me explain.

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