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For the “I Don’t Have Time” Broker: Last Two Steps to a Great Business Plan

Are you a ‘don’t have time to plan’ broker? Having been a manager and regional manager for two decades (yes, I really am getting that old….), I know how difficult it is to sit down and slog through writing a business plan. So, I’ve been working hard for you to make it fast easy—but accurate as a blueprint for 2011.

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Do You Know How Much the Consumer Loves You?

The recent survey by the California Association of Realtors shows some stunning and alarming trends about customer service expectations and delivery. In 2005, Internet consumers rated their overall satisfaction with their agent at almost 90%, while traditional buyers rated their overall satisfaction at 37%. However, in the ensuing years, the ratings have plummeted. In 2009, both Internet and traditional buyers only rated their overall satisfaction with their agent at 4%! (The ratings of Internet and traditional buyers now are equal). In other words, consumer expectations of what an agent will do for them are just not being met. In fact, value received for what the consumer paid the real estate agent was at only 4% for all buyers.

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Are Your Students Nodding Off?

Are your students nodding off as the day goes on? Do you frantically wonder how to keep their attention all day? The answer is not what you think it is. Last week, I taught my Instructor Development course to real estate professionals and affiliates. I’ve taught this course for about 15 years. Here’s the biggest misconception students come in with:

If I just learn how to be a more captivating speaker, I can keep the students’ attention for hours on end.

NOT! In today’s frantic world, the person in front of everyone cannot hope to hold students’ attention for more than 10 minutes at a time! If you think I’m wrong, just count the number of commercials in a TV break. These commercials are down to about 15 seconds a piece. The images go by so fast you can scarcely count them. In fact, we’ve become a society of easily distracted, multi-tasking, not very focused beings (watch pedestrians or drivers in action with a cell phone).

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Are You Using the Best Motivators for YOU?

Do you know the best motivators for YOU? Even though the market has improved in many areas, real estate professionals are still very challenged in getting their businesses back on track. Or, if you’re new to the business, you’re probably experiencing some negative vibes from many of the seasoned agents in your office. How are you going to motivate yourself to get into the swing of the market, and to meet your goals?

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Are You Still Using The Same Old Shoes To Get Your Foot In The Door?

Do you feel like you’re suffering from “communicationitis” (which is caused when you get 467 too-many emails, 97 extraneous pieces of mail, and 47 solicitation calls – from charities, of course)?

You’re not the only one. Consumers are feeling really, really over-communicated with. Have you noticed that those emails and cards that you’ve been sending seem not to be opened or read? Maybe it’s because we all have been communicating the same old messages, in the same old way (just listed and just sold cards, anyone?)

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Hate It, But Have to Do It?

Do you lead meetings? Do you want to do buyer or seller seminars? Do you present to two or two hundred? Managers, trainers, and even agents sometimes have to present in front of three, to hundreds, of people. Unfortunately, many who have to get in front of others lack training and dread the thought of it! It doesn’t have to be frightening, though. Take a look at the three ‘pro’ speaker tips below to make your next time in front of a few, or many, enjoyable, memorable, and equally enjoyable for your audience.

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Are ‘Dual Career’ Agents Hurting You?

More and more real estate agents are getting second jobs to make ends meet. In fact, the 2009 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile says that 26% of REALTORS® stated that real estate was not their only occupation. (I’m sure that many more licensees that aren’t REALTORS® have other major sources of income). In addition, less than half of all REALTORS® surveyed reported that real estate was their primary source of household income.

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