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Crazy Interest in Open Houses

There is a crazy amount of interest in successful open houses and that makes sense because we are in a market where the pent up demand of the past few years along with some decent economic news and continued low interest rates are driving hoards of people into the market.

The keys to a successful open described in the article and its attached checklists and scripts is to engage people at the open in the conversation that leads to make an appointment with you to discuss working with you to buy a home. Stage the home as a place where, in addition to the house showing well, you are demonstrating your personality and professionalism.

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Negotiating Tough Offers – A True Story

It’s one of the most interesting parts of my job. When an agent that I coach is in the middle of a tough negotiation I ask them to call me. Debbie did.

The asking price was $769,000. The offer came in at $625,000.

Debbie is smart and talented. As the owner’s anger and frustration arose, Debbie calmly explained that: “All offers are good offers,” that in this market, buyers feel that owners may be desperate. The key is that she kept the owner objective.

She did not disparage the offer, the other agent or the buyer. She didn’t compliment them either. Instead she kept it objective.

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